Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Music Never Stops!

SolarUno for iPods and MP3
: the music never stops!

Charge your music player from the sun with this sleek and neat looking solar charger. Find it at www.flexopower.com

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Solar Charger, a useful high tech tool

I have been using the Flexopower SolarPouch to re-charge my mobile phone or my iPod. This solar charger has been a good companion. It has its own battery which gets charged from the solar panels. Those solar panels are flexible! They are made without glass and do not break. They even use them in the Space Shuttle. - I usually leave the solar pouch open on the dash board of my car, this way my solar pouch is always ready to charge. Recently I re-charged the battery of my new video eyeglasses. It worked great!

My partner is an attorney and mobile phone junkey. Her phone would usually run out of juice by
3pm. So I gave her the blue version (mine is black leather). Besides having now uninterrupted power. she is treating it like a fashion item. So much for high tech in a womans hand bag ;-). She's cool about it though.

Who is Theothebear?

Theo was rescued from a guy selling it on William Nicol/Republic in Johannesburg on 30. March 2006. Theo's weight was 900 grams and his age estimated to be 4 weeks. Completely traumatized, could barely walk, all he needed was shelter, food and TLC. - Today he has fully recovered and is full of beans! Theo now is the inspiration for us!